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Nubian Crown Royale Celebrity - Marisa Lander

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Hey Loves! We wanted to introduce you to our most recent Nubian Crown Royale Celebrity and RECORDING ARTIST - Marisa Lander! marisa 1 Marisa is wearing our Kinky Curly Hair Extensions with a silk base closure. She blends it with her natural hair for a more natural look.  The hair came in the original color of the donor (around 1B color), but because our hair is 100% human hair, you can dye it any color, and thats what she chose to do.  As you can see, it takes color beautifully. Marisa 5 She likes to play around with her hair, and she even straightened and barrel curled it.   Marisa 3   Here's what she had to say about our kinky curly hair extensions: I have Nubian Crown Hair, kinky curly texture, in 24", 22", and 20" with an 18" silk base closure. I've had the hair for almost 3 months now and I'm loving it even more. The closure makes my whole install look perfect. A lot of people ask if it is my natural hair and never wonder if I'm wearing weave. The closure is high quality and nicely made with the front edge being lace so it's not a blunt jump from your skin to the closure. It makes it blend if you wear it on the hairline. I leave about 1/3-1/2 inch of my hair out in the perimeter and my hair blends perfectly with this texture when I set it with NuNAAT Olive Oil and Shea Butter cream. This hair is so amazing and so manageable! I have bleached the hair and dyed it with Garnier Nutress Ultra Color in Magnetic Cooper. I don't do much to it but wet it and use this oil-based hair serum called "Hello Hair". I hardly shampoo my hair (2-3 times a month) because I don't use too many products like hairspray or gel. I don't use too much conditioner either. When I do I use shampoo and condition I use the Pantene Relaxed & Natural collection. When I shampoo I just add a drop or two with my conditioner. I have to admit, I don't wrap my hair at night and the hair is still nice. It can be very limp and almost look thin if you don't style it, so I do wet it and oil it every day. I finger comb and fluff it up. The hair was very easy to brush through when drenched wet when I first got it, but dying and processing I take caution to not man handle it much now. I can comb it while wet, but not so much brush it (but you're really not suppose to brush curly hair anyways). I can straighten it and wand curl it, but I wouldn't recommend doing it often just so the hair can last as long as possible. I would instead suggest buying straight and wavy hair for all that. This hair is very true to a kinky texture, although it may seem otherwise on arrival and the first few days of wear. You can get a really nice sleek look to the curls if you use setting conditioner and lotions, but it also will take out the big volume look of the hair. I don't have any leave in products, so my hair has a lot of volume when it dries. At first I wore the bundles layered by their lengths, then to give it a more blunt and high volume look I put them in 22", 24" then 20" order. I like my hair and curls poofy, but if you want a sleeker, more weighed down look by using product, I would suggest getting a 4th and maybe 5th bundle or else it may look thin if you're getting anything over 18". I seriously recommend this hair to anyone! I judge a hair company by how their kinky curly holds up, because it's the most problematic texture. Nubian Crown's hair has lasted longer after dying than any other kinky curly hair I've had. I'm a singer and performer and plan on ordering more hair for styles for my dancers. ---- Marisa 4 We simply love Marisa and we think you will too.  She has a single out right now that you can download for free at Check out her music here: Marisa Lander Soundcloud Also, want to see whats she up to and where's she performing? Follow her on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: And of course, if you are looking for hair extensions! We've got you covered!

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